Wilson Baker, Jr. 


                 W.G. Goldstein

"A Storyteller"


  • Wallace C. Barker - Computer Project Manager and Major in the Army Reserve, Special Forces
  • Felix -Computer Nerd
  • Harry Paxton (Fencer)- Wallace former Roommate and CIA Field Agent, Code Name "Fencer"
  • Arthur B. Clayton - Vice President of the United States of America
  • Bruce Johnson - Director of the CIA
  • Jean Erase - Deputy Director of the CIA
  • Jim Blinding - Director of CIA Field Operations Middle East
  • "Forty-One" - Professional Contract Killer
  • Nubienne'- Fencer's lover and Iranian contact and freelance writer
  • Helen Paxton - Harry Paxton's Mother
  • Rahe Nardini - Fencer's contact and freelance writer for Routers News Service
  • Fred Needlehouse- Vice President Clayton's Campaign Manager
  • Amir Sadr - Minister of Oil, Shah Iran
  • Angela Adams - Wallace's next door neighbor and lover

Wilson Baker, Jr.

             a.k.a. W.G. Goldstein