Wilson Baker, Jr. 


                 W.G. Goldstein

Searching For A Star

Wallace C. Barker had been working ten hours days for the last nine months, putting out one of the most fantastic pieces of software he had ever worked on. However, all of that was behind him, and he was on his way to Las Vegas for some fun and sun. As his plane pulled into the sky and the seat belt light went out, his thoughts lingered on the e-mail message he had received just before leaving his office. Little did Barker know that the email would throw him into another adventure that would lead to the death of his fraternity brother, a contract being put out on him by the mob, a computer virus and the loss of $60 million dollars in heroin?  Wilson Baker, Jr. who writes as W.G. Goldstein's, his senior software network planner and developer, Wallace C. Barker is at it again and this time, Barker is the target. Even more exciting than Goldstein's other best sellers, Class Reunion, Roommate and Classmate. Searching for a Star will give you a rush second only to winning the lottery. 

Where the story takes place:  Las Vegas, Washington, DC, Jacksonville, Florida, Parts of Maryland.


"A Story Teller"

Wilson Baker, Jr.

          a.k.a. W.G. Goldstein