Wilson Baker, Jr. 


                 W.G. Goldstein

Revenge Has No Expiration Date

  • Wallace C. Barker-Computer Project Manager and Major in the US Army Reserve and Commander of A Special Forces A-Team
  • Eve Harding - The woman who WC is thinking about marrying
  • Tony(Toni) Harding - Eve's Harding Daughter
  • Seventy-One(71) - International Assassin wanted by Interpol
  • Felix - Computer nerd and Wallace's close friend
  • Faye Cook-Little - Senior FBI Field Agent
  • Bo Brooks - FBI Field Agent
  • Roy Benning - Chief of the CIA South American Operation
  • Billy Mills - Desk Chief of the Jacksonville CIA Desk
  • Henry Bubba Webb - Major of Jacksonville, Florida
  • Debra Webb - Wife of Bubba Webb
  • Grace Black - Vice-President of the Book Club
  • Ranuel- Group Leader of the Movement for the Independence of Essequibo (MIE)
  • Krish- Member of the Movement for the Independence of Essequibo (MIE)
  • ​Captain Peacock - Joker Project Manager

Wilson Baker, Jr.

           a.k.a. W.G. Goldstein

"A Storyteller"