Wilson Baker, Jr. 


                 W.G. Goldstein


  • Wallace C. Barker, Computer Project Manager and a Major in the Army Reserve Special Forces A-Team
  • Felix, Computer nerd, Wallace's best friend, works at SBM
  • Henry (Bubba) Webb, Jacksonville District Attorney
  • ​Debra Webb, Wife of Henry Webb
  • Susan Mills, Jacksonville Assistant District Attorney
  • ​Ron Fields, Director of Union Pension Funds, Local 1451
  • ​Cherry Fields, Wife of Ron Fields
  • ​Willie Mae Blackstone, Director of Human Resources
  • ​Jeremy James Jackson, (JJ) Lawyer for Wallace C. Barker
  • ​Fred Needlehouse, US Attorney General
  • ​Arthur B. Clayton, President of the United States
  • ​Geraldine Fletcher, Lawyer to the Attorney's General Office

"A Storyteller"

Wilson Baker, Jr.

             a.k.a. W.G. Goldstein