Wilson Baker, Jr. 


                 W.G. Goldstein


Thirty years seem like a long time, but when he saw her, it seemed just like yesterday.  The smile was the same, and the glow in her eyes still bounced around like a campfire on a moonlit night.  Little did Wallace C. Barker know that his trip to renew thirty years of past memories at his high school class reunion would be the beginning of a nightmare. The events that unfold put his and her life on the line and take him into the innermost workings of the militia movement, the extramarital affair of a congressman’s wife, and a plot to destroy one of the founding principles of the country.  Class Reunion is a fast paced hit-you-in-the-face, a twist at unexpected turns novel.  Wilson Baker, Jr., who writes as W.G. Goldstein, keeps the readers on their toes.  Just when you think you have it all figured out, you suddenly find out you’re wrong.

Where it takes place:  Jacksonville, Florida, Washington, DC, parts of Maryland and Laramie, Wyoming.

"A Storyteller"

Wilson Baker, Jr.

            a.k.a. W.G. Goldstein