Wilson Baker, Jr. 


                 W.G. Goldstein


  • Wallace C. Barker (WC): Senior Computer Project Manager, Major US  Army Reserve Special Forces
  • Willie Mae Blackstone: Wallace's  Classmate
  • Felix: Computer Nerd for Sterling Business Machine (SBM)
  • ​ James Armstrong: President & Commander of the Cavalry Militia, Laramie, Wyoming
  • Thirty-One: The Number Assassin
  • ​Wyoming Red White and Blue Cavalry: Militia Group
  • Bill Cartwright: Member of the Cavalry Militia
  • ​Senator Arthur B. Clayton: Freshmen Senator, State of Maine
  • ​Betty-Jean Clayton,(BJ): Wife of Senator Arthur B. Clayton
  • ​Robert: Betty-Jean Clayton's lover
  • Geraldine Fletcher: Administrator to Senator Arthur B. Clayton​​​​


"A Storyteller"

Wilson Baker, Jr.

          a.k.a. W.G. Goldstein